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Why Work With Melvin D. Marx, P.A.

Why Work With Melvin?

When auto insurance companies fail to pay medical claims, Melvin D. Marx, P.A. works to obtain payment and bring your receivables up to date.

Unlike a traditional billing company that attempts to obtain payment on your behalf, Melvin D. Marx is a professional advocate working for you with the sole purpose of ensuring that you receive payment.

When you work with our firm you will:

  • Avoid back-office costs. Free up your human resources from chasing delinquent payments for more productive work.
  • Never pay out-of-pocket expenses. Melvin D. Marx advances your filing fees and when your case prevails you are entitled to attorney and filing fees. Plus you keep 100% of the recovery.
  • Expect a full-time advocate working on your behalf. Our firm works to push your cases quickly through the process and obtain your payments as soon as possible.
  • Be kept apprised of your cases in real-time. Our online cases status system gives you secure, 24/7 access to the status of your cases and our support staff is available as you may need them.
  • Have a long-term advocate. When you work with our firm, our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you so that we can continually assist in improving your processes and obtaining payments for outstanding receivables.
  • Obtain training on policies and procedures. Flawed documentation or failing to follow the detailed procedures established by insurance companies can result in an inability to obtain payment. Our firm can work with you to help you adjust and improve your internal processes for better future results.

With a focus on no-fault PIP arbitration, Melvin D. Marx works to move your cases through the system. His dedication to the arbitration process and knowledge of its intricate procedures and documentation means you can:

  • Enjoy lower outstanding receivables
  • Expect better arbitration results
  • Avoid common pitfalls that can arise when documentation is flawed
  • Ensure that you get paid before insurance benefits are exhausted
  • Navigate a complex system quickly and efficiently

In addition to getting your cases settled faster, he uses his knowledge of the system to teach you best practices for your internal business processes that will help you:

  • Continue to get paid faster in the future
  • Avoid exposure to allegations of fraud or loss of license
  • Comply with all legal and policy regulations

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