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Personal Injury Claims

Melvin is going to back to his roots. Melvin is now going to include a personal injury practice to the firm. This makes for a one stop shop for all parties involved in an auto accidents.

The firm will now include personal injury claims specifically auto accidents. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, we can help you navigate your claim. It is important that you call an attorney who has specialized in this area of law to help you obtain the best outcome and make sure your legal rights are protected.

Please call us or contact us immediately and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

What to bring to your first consultation

  1. Your auto insurance policy, coverage information, and declaration sheet. 
  2. Any notes and pictures you have from the accident.
  3. The police report, if you have it.


  1. Remain Calm. Calmness will bring about some clarity into the situation.   
  2. Get to a place of safety
    • You always want to make sure that you and your passengers, if any, are safe.  If possible, try to get to the side of the road, and turn your hazard lights on.
  3. Immediately call the police (911) or their local number.
    • It is important to have the police document the accident in a police report to accurately report the accident.
  4. Things you can do while waiting for the police to arrive:
    • Get the names, insurance information, license plate number, and contact information from the parties involved in the accident. 
    • Identify any witnesses that observed the accident. If you are able to, get their contact information. This is important, because they are unlikely to stay around until the police arrive. 
    • Take pictures of the accident scene and motor vehicles that were involved in the accident that may or may not have been damaged as a result of the accident. 
    • Take your own notes as to what happened and any injuries you sustained in the accident.  This will help refresh your memory about the accident when asked to recall the events at a future date.  After the accident is the best time for you to recall the events of an accident, since it will be fresh in your mind. 
  5. It may be necessary to go the hospital by ambulance after the accident.
    • You may feel okay at first, but this will insure that you are properly examined.