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About Melvin D. Marx, P.A.

About Melvin Marx

Since 1968 Melvin D. Marx has been representing clients in all areas of law including bodily injury, criminal, civil, matrimonial, real estate, business and more.

For over 25 years he has focused his practice on personal injury with an emphasis on automobile accidents. From 1984-1998 he was certified Civil Trial attorney and has spent the last 15 years specializing in no-fault PIP arbitration in order to bring the highest quality of service and deepest knowledge of the arbitration process to his clients.

Between 1991 and 1998 Melvin also served as an Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association and the New Jersey Superior Court in Union & Essex Counties.

Today, Melvin brings decades of knowledge and experience to the service of healthcare providers both as an advocate during the arbitration process and as an educator, helping clients put the most effective internal processes in place to reduce outstanding receivables and ensure a more efficient arbitration.

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